This is an Elder Scrolls Online guild website for the Brotherhood of Redemption (BoR), a community fansite for the popular MMORPG.  TESO is similar to Skyrim, only online.  We focus our Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited guilds recruitment for PC or Mac players, aiding High King Emeric with our DC faction, Daggerfall Covenant guild.  Among ESO clans, we are recruiting members who plan on taking in all it has to offer, including PvE, PvX, social, exploration, RP, crafting, and PvP via alliance vs alliance battles (AvA).  We partake in light role playing at times and are mature players who explore the world and chat on our TeamSpeak servers.  Our members enjoy special events, delves, Trials, Dragonstar Arena, and group dungeons on the North American PC/Mac Megaserver as well as the Psijic order PTS server.  We also host a podcast on YouTube and Twitch titled Elder Scrolling Online and are the home of the Wykkyd addons by Ravalox Darkshire. Please sign up and join our clan, browse our ESO news, or contact us in our forums above! 

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