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PostPosted: Sat Oct 03, 2015 3:29 pm    Post subject:

I have been waiting for gmoore to chime in on this. 

The story of your boss kinda put me in mind of him for a min there.

ESO is more of a cerebral game than a typical "Kids' Game" and the growing preponderance of elders participating in it bears evidence to that theory (my personal theory, that is...).


                                            Viva la ESO

PostPosted: Sat Oct 03, 2015 12:29 pm    Post subject:

Great story! Welcome to the west coast faction of BOR! Maxwell (my son who is also a guild member) lives in LA and I live in OC, so if you're looking for time zone friendly partners in crime reach out any time!

PostPosted: Tue Sep 29, 2015 9:38 am    Post subject:

This is so fun to hear

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2015 6:14 pm    Post subject:

I have a limited edition ESO shirt that has all three faction heroes on the front and say Elder Scrolls Online.

Whenever I wear that I get comments if enough folks see it.  However, to date they have all been untapped ES fans that haven't yet tried ESO.

The only 'scary' encounter I had was at a local Friendly's restaurant.  I was there in my BoR regalia (shirt and hat, so I looked like my image that is all over the interwebs in our guild recruiting and podcast stuff) and two of the wait staff were pointing at me from the kitchen like 50' away and one said 'Karoneth' to the other.  I was too embarrassed to ask how in the WORLD they knew who I was!  And I haven't seen them on subsequent occasional trips there.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2015 4:42 pm    Post subject:

My one like this is:


*Just after starting her new job, hears the produce manager and one of the produce guys talking about lorebooks and dungeons. Thinks,. is that ESO? but being the new girl is too shy to ask*


Fast forward to a few weeks ago:

People talking Christmas. me: "Stuff christmas, I'm gonna spend all day playing ESO because there's no such thing there in the lore." Produce guy pipes up: "that sounds like a plan"


Now everytime we see each other we proper geek out! He plays ESO on xbox but is a PC gamer too (just not ESO) so we talk about all sorts... My favourite one was talking about 7 days to die as he wants to try it and me and Blass have it and play it every now and then, the general store manger walks past, shacking his head and laughing. I love retail!

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2015 2:50 pm    Post subject:

HeoriDluc wrote:

Wow, that is great. You never knew who you'll meet out in the wild that plays, too.

I had an encounter, too!

From the old forums:

Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

I'm the Senior VP for a tech services company I helped found back in the 90's.  One of my clients called me, asked if I could sit in on a meeting about an application they were having real trouble with.  I grabbed a few of my people and went to their offices.  Sitting around a nice table on the 17th floor, downtown, beautiful view.  Meeting went well, mood was euphoric, problems are being solved.  

They asked me if I could do something this evening, and I quipped "I don't know.  Tonight is Dungeon Run Thursday"

Their lead SQL guy replied "You're with a guild?"

"Yeah, ESO. Brotherhood of Redemption."

"I heard of those guys!"

Thought that might make you smile.

Heori D'luc
PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2015 2:20 pm    Post subject:

Wow, that is great. You never knew who you'll meet out in the wild that plays, too.

PostPosted: Mon Sep 28, 2015 1:01 pm    Post subject: "ESO got me promoted"

I thought this was a great story, found on Reddit.

Hi ESO lovers Happy

Let me start off by saying I'm typing this on my phone from the Logan international airport in Boston. I'll be moving to LA to take on a challenging new project at my company. Here's how the opportunity came about...

As some of you know, I just finished up my third V16 on PS4. I don't really get into my builds, but id like to share that I have experience in a few different classes. I've completed all quests, collected all lore books, and have recently had a lot of success in pvp.

So I'm sitting at my office last Wednesday and the CEO of our company lets himself in. He's a fantastic boss, and is around regularly. He asked for me to show him how to do something on excel . If you look in my recent posts, that excel template of my night blade build came up when I opened excel. I quickly went to close the window, but it apparently piqued his curiosity. He asked me what it was, and I mentioned it's helping me with a game I play at home. His response once he realized it was for ESO: I HAVE A 38 Dragonknight!!!!!

And so it began, .

In about 5 seconds he transformed from a CEO to a 38 DK in daggerfall saying "hey ur armor looks kewl".

Seriously though, he asked me questions for three hours. We went over the following...

Why he should use both bars (he was only using a primary) I went over his class, race, weapons, passives, attributes...etc. I went into detail about how to approach a keep in Cyrodiil. Which weapons are helpful, why taking the resources is worthwhile, the fast traveling system in Cyrodiil, literally everything PVP related. He started taking notes. Lol he wrote down which skills to use on his bars, what to aim for on several stats, etc. He also wrote down my PSN, and we played that night..

So there I was, roaming cyrodiil with my CEO with no mount. I was on my DK, using the same skills I recommended to him so he could understand the timing and effectiveness of that play style. He caught on really fast, and we actually 2vX'd for a couple hours.

The questions from him have not stopped, . On Sunday..something really special happened. He called me, and told me he was happy that our shared interest brought us closer. He said, "I'm flat out impressed with your competence, competitiveness, determination and demeanor. I enjoy listening to you speak about ESO because you're a subject expert and you patiently taught me your play style. I'd like you to take all of those skills, and focus them on the new sales implementation in LA. Go understand what we're trying to accomplish, believe in it, and train the sales reps just like you trained me."

I was promoted to Western Director of Sales. I was an account manager before.

So here I am, with my wife at the airport about to embark on this new journey. I think it's a fun story ;) if you have any questions feel free to ask! I left out some details since I'm on my phone.

Cheers Happy



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