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PostPosted: Mon Aug 10, 2015 2:01 pm    Post subject: Wykkyds Addons Beta Test Event

I posted an event for Weds night at 8 PM ET to test addons in general, but primarily the Wykkyd line of addons on the PTS.

Hopefully the latest PTS update will be deployed prior to that time.  If not, the event may be postponed until a later time.

We will be installing a non-Wykkyd addon and verifying if it saves it's data though multiple logons.  If it does, we will move to testing the Wykkyd addons through normal gameplay and in any way Ravalox or Balkoth require.

Ravalox, feel free to make any comments or changes here, I just wanted to put the framework of this in place.

I expect to be busy helping a friend move, but if not, I will be present.  Feel free to post your results here if anyone tests independently after the PTS patch.

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