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PostPosted: Sat Aug 01, 2015 12:56 pm    Post subject: ESO Graphical / Performance Diagnosis Thread

If you have any graphics trouble or sluggishness in-game, try this from ZOS:

#1. Admin mode
Right click the ESO launcher icon
Click Run as Administrator

#2. Make sure your drivers are up-to-date
Look at your DxDiag, are your drivers from 2012 or before? Yes? Then they need to be updated.

To do so:
• Nvidia Video Cards: click "Drivers" and choose Option 2: Automatically find drivers for my NVIDIA products.
• AMD Video Cards: click "Drivers & Support" and click the "Find your driver" button.
• Other Video Cards: You should contact the computers manufacturer for driver updates.
If after updating your drivers they still appear to be from before 2013, it is possible that the manufacturer stopped producing updates for this model of card

#4. Make sure that the latest version of DirectX is installed on your system
You'll find more information here:
(Addition by Karoneth)  While in DXDiag, check the display tab and ensure all three DirectX features are enabled, and also check every tab in there to ensure they state "No problems found" at the bottom.  If problems are found, let me know.

#5. Adjust your video card to run the game at High Performance.

Nvidia Video Card.
Open the Nvidia control panel. This can be done usually by clicking the appropriate icon in the bottom right of the computer on the Task Bar. You can also right-click directly on your desktop and you should see Nvidia Control Panel in the list.
Under 3D settings, select the Manage 3D Settings. The Manage 3D Settings window displays on the right.
Click the Program Settings tab at the top in the Window on the right.
Your first step is to select a program to customize. Click the drop down and select eso.exe.
Your second step shows a list of settings for the program. We need to look for the Feature Power Management Mode and change the option on the right to Prefer Maximum Performance.
At the bottom select Apply and close out of the Nvidia Control Panel.
Now try running the game as administrator

ATI Video Card.
Open the Catalyst Control Center. This can usually be done by clicking the appropriate icon in the bottom right of the computer on the Task Bar. You can also right-click directly on your desktop and you should see Catalyst Control Center in the list.
The Catalyst Control Center will open. In the top right corner is a button that says Preferences. Make sure that Standard View is selected.
Next, select Gaming, then under Gaming Performance, select Standard 3D settings.
Move the slider to Optimal Performance.
Click Apply and close the Catalyst Control Panel.
Now try running the game as administrator.

#6. Adjusting the Screen Resolution in the UserSettings File.  (Edit by Karoneth) Usually I do not recommend doing this unless the screen is clearly the wrong resolution.
The default location of this file is \Users\*USERNAME*\My Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live\UserSettings.

If your native screen resolution is 1080x1920 you need to modify this file as follow:

SET FullscreenHeight "0"
SET FullscreenWidth "0"
SET FullscreenHeight "1080"
SET FullscreenWidth "1920"

#7. Try to delete the ShaderCache.cooked file
The default location for the file is C:\Users\*USERNAME*\My Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live.

After that file is deleted, run the game as administrator, and it will recompile that file.

If the file is missing or empty, it is likely that something is preventing the system from creating that file correctly (which is an issue we are currently investigating).

Game crashes during cinematic
Locate the The Elder Scrolls Online game file. This file can normally be found in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenimax Online\The Elder Scrolls Online\game\client


C:\Program Files (x86)\Zenimax Online\The Elder Scrolls Online EU\game\client

  1. Once that file is located, right-click the file and select Properties at the bottom of the list.

  2. Once the Properties window is open, select the Compatibility tab.

  3. Select the option to “Run this program in compatibility mode” and from the drop-down menu select “Windows XP SP3” (it may say Service Pack 3).

  4. Select the option “Always run this program as an Administrator”

  5. For ease of use, right-click the eso.exe file and select “Send To…”

  6. From the subsequent slide-out menu, select “Desktop (Create Shortcut)”.

This will allow a very easy, quick way of opening a game running in compatibility mode.

Possible resolution to crashes / lockups / not loading after clicking Play on some laptops:

Some laptops include Nvidia Optimus Technology, which is basically a GPU switch that starts with an Intel HD4000 and will then switch to another integrated GPU for higher end performance. We are investigating as to whether The Elder Scrolls Online makes the transition or not, and believe that changing Nvidia’s settings may alleviate the issue.

How to select the preferred graphics processor:

For the first method, you can right click on the desktop icon for The Elder Scrolls Online and hover over the option "Run with graphics processor." A window will pop up to the right of your cursor. Select the option "High-Performance NVIDIA processor." This option may not be available, as it has to be enabled in the Nvidia Control Panel.

  1. The second method sets up a High Performance profile for The Elder Scrolls Online. This method also works for setting up High Performance profiles on machines with older Nvidia Cards with a minor change; instead of selecting the processor, you select the performance option of High Performance.

  2. Open the NVIDIA Control Panel

  3. Select "Manage 3D Settings"

  4. Select "Program Settings" tab

  5. The first heading is “1. Select a program to Customize:”

  6. a. Click the Add button to the right.

  7. b. Browse to and select the application executable you wish to create a profile for. (It will be “ESO.exe,” located in the directory in which you installed the game.)

  8. The second option is "2. Select the preferred graphics processor for this program:"

  9. a. Click the drop down and select High-performance NVIDIA processor.

Both of these methods are based on current information posted on Nvidia's support website, and the instructions may be different based on your installed version of the Nvidia Control Panel. We do not guarantee this will fix the graphical errors that are occurring, but believe that it may help.

Additional Tip to help performance:

Go into Power settings in Control Panel.  Set the Power Plan to Maximum Performance, or if that is unavailable, look for High Performance.


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