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PostPosted: Wed Aug 31, 2022 12:42 am    Post subject: We were really looking forward to pouring much of the energy

Customizable dragons and enhanced flying, a new area in WoTLK Gold to explore as well as the game's first race and class combination are exciting however, what is sure to perk the ears of many veteran players is the change to the what Hazzikostas has described as"the "evergreen game systems" that are the basis of WoW. In contrast to the previous WoW expansions that included a variety of "one expansions and finished" players-powered systems, Dragonflight will instead be focused on systems that will last for a long time even after Dragonflight has ended.

"We were really looking forward to pouring much of the energy we had previously put into "borrowed power systems" or other things that seemed as if they existed in an expansion only to instead making the evergreen foundations in World of Warcraft ," Hazzikostas stated. "That's the reason we came up with abilities, UI, and professions."

The talent trees for each class will undergo the biggest revamp since 2012's Mists of Pandaria update which eliminated the one point of talent per level system, as well as the legendary skills trees of the old school WoW and substituted them with a less precise, but more powerful system where players could select one essential ability from three options each 5-10 levels. With Dragonflight the more similar to the traditional talent trees of WoW have returned however with some modern enhancements that do not require players to decide between enhancing their primary class capabilities or a useful, but not mandatory, benefits.

Each class's specialization will have two different talent trees, one for the particular specialization, and another for the entire class. As players advance in level their abilities, they'll earn points from each tree, which can be spent however they want. The specialization-specific tree is designed to increasing the abilities for the particular class such as increasing the damage caused by certain spells. The tree that is specific to the class it will provide additional benefits that, though not necessary to improve the particular specialization's main function, provide players more options to tailor their character to match their specific style of play. Players can save particular talent loadouts to be used in specific cheap WOW WoTLK Classic Gold as well as there won't be any cost or penalty for changing talents or switching loadouts in the middle of the game.

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