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PostPosted: Sun Aug 14, 2016 9:38 am    Post subject:

I remember yaquio89.  Welcome Back!

PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2016 1:39 pm    Post subject:

No Worries Yaquelin Happy  You're always welcomed back with a big hug anyway! Happy <BIG HUG> :P

PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 2:00 am    Post subject:

thank you! 

The Real Willard
PostPosted: Thu Aug 11, 2016 12:19 am    Post subject:

Welcome back to the BOR:)


PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 7:45 pm    Post subject:

It's only been Yaquelin or yaquio89

PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 6:47 pm    Post subject:

Hi Yaquelin!

Just so you know.. it can take up to 48 hours for the Elder council to review the applications that come in.  Sadly, we all have Real Lifes that take us away from this world too Happy  I do wan to ask you a question.. when you were with us before having to take care of the wonderful new addition to your family, did you go by another name?  When I saw your app, usually when an ex-member returns, it's just a matter of confirming their status in the guild and approving the application.  I am the one who maintains and validates the membership rosters and your name and User ID are not on any of our rosters.  I maintain not only an Active Roster, but also an Inative and Problem Roster so in situations like this, its usually 5 minutes after I see the app and the individual receives an invite in the game. 

So you know, you have been approved and I will be in game momentarily to send you an invite ingame, but I'd appreciate it if you might recall another name you might have used. Happy 


Thanks!! Happy

The Real Willard
PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 4:53 pm    Post subject:

Yes the guild is still quite active. Many members, like you, have had real life issues to deal with, but we still have a fairly active base. Happy

PostPosted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 12:22 pm    Post subject: looking to return

Hi all, I was a member when game launched. Had a baby and that has taken all my time but i'm hoping to return. Don't know if guild is still active

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