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PostPosted: Wed Oct 21, 2015 9:54 pm    Post subject: Wykkyd Gaming Suite and Wykkyd Outfitter updated


I have updated Wykkyd Outfitter to correct an issue with saving a number of Destro Staff Skills.  ZOS made a change where the ICONs and actual skill name changes for certain skills (like Pulsar).  

In addition I have shifted the Gear Change configuration UI window over to the right a bit to make room for ZOS' new expanded Paperdoll.

I have also streamlined the code that was causing "Excessive Message" notifications.  (so these messages should not be seen anymore unless you spam the skill bar change).

This addon is in queue to be re-written.  There is a message about not being able to equip (or unequip) an item when swapping gear sets (has always been there).  This occurs when you have an empty hand (EG: sword but no shield).  This issue extremely minor issue will be eliminated after the re-write.

I am still tweaking QuestTracker with some minor adjustments for the transition to the new code and interface.  I expect that the new Questtracker will be published prior to (or on) Nov 2nd.

Thanks to those who extensively tested the Beta versions of this addon!

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