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Elderscrye D
PostPosted: Wed Sep 23, 2015 8:58 pm    Post subject:

He went to Bergama to study, and has little time to write.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2015 7:16 pm    Post subject:

I want a story... 

PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2015 11:43 am    Post subject:

No problem!  Feel free to re-post it as yourself and any of your other posts...I just wanted to be sure we never lost it :-)

PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2015 10:48 am    Post subject:

Thanks for bringing this over to this site. I appreciate it bud!

PostPosted: Sat Aug 01, 2015 12:36 pm    Post subject: Ashton Bray Character Biography

This is the story of A'ton, a nineteen year old Redguard destined for greatness.

A'ton was brought into this world by Borian and Dh'emkal of Sentinel. He was born into a wealthy family of the Crowns, descendants of the High King and the Na-Totambu who ruled in Yokuda. He was raised under strict Yokudan traditions consisting of daily practice of the Yoku language, used many years ago by his ancestors, but barely used after the Siege of Orisinium. He was told to treat foreigners as if they were the sand beneath his boots, and if he befriended one it would result in disownment from his entire family. He was kept sheltered, for venturing to far in the port-city of Sentinel could expose him to the foreign objects coming in from the ships.

At the age of four, A'ton started his rigorous training. As a Crown, he was expected to master strategies, formations, and tactics along with an instinctive grasp of basic combat and weaponry. He also learned how to command a fleet of ships, which he honestly had no interest in, and became a natural in navigation. He trained with scimitar and shield by day, and when he turned eight, secretly with bow and daggers at night. He became a master archer at the age of thirteen, although he made sure it was a well kept secret. He even became phenomenal with his daggers, and he kept two of them on his person at all times; even while sleeping. At the age of fourteen, he would quietly leave his home and sneak around the city. He was always testing his limits when it came to stealth. The only way he could do that was by sneaking into peoples homes, robbing them, and then returning the items the next night... when they were on high alert. He caused quit a buzz in Sentinel for an entire year, and the people started calling this unknown person The Trickster Thief. 

At the age of nineteen, A'ton was given his first important task. He was to scout a bandit encampment a few miles east of Elinhir, a town close to the border of Skyrim and Cyrodil. Three Forebears, descendants of the Ra Gada warrior class, were hired by Borian to make sure his sons travel to Elinhir was safe and his return was even safer. A'ton envied the Forebears. They were exposed to many Foreign traditions and ideas, while the Crowns were not. They wanted modernity and were more welcoming to foreign ways of life. They had clothing and weapons A'ton had never seen before, and they filled his head with stories of their adventures. A'ton loved his family, but these people were living the life he wanted to live.

Sasoni was the largest of the Forebears, but was also the kindest. He was twenty four, but looked like he was thirty five. He loved to tell jokes, and was always smiling. He was a foot taller than an average Redguard and at least seventy pounds heavier. His arms were massive and he carried a giant Steel Nordic Warhammer, still stained in his enemies blood. Any man fighting Sasoni was told not to look at his face, for watching him smile while pounding you into the ground was one of the scariest ways to die.

Jawa was Sasoni's older brother, but no one would have guessed it. He was twenty five, and was a bit shorter than average in height. He was also less muscular than most Redguard men, but what he lacked in strength, he made up for in speed. He was known to beat any man in a footrace, and his dual wield technique was one of legend. He carried two enchanted Akaviri Katana's worth so much money that eleven men had already failed at trying to kill him for them. A swing of his swords was so swift and clean that he could slice an oncoming arrow in half. People have debated on which brother is more deadly, but the world will never know because they refuse to fight each other... even for training purposes.

Braya was the most beautiful girl A'ton had ever laid eyes on... and there were many girls in the capital city of Sentinel. Her father was a Forebear, and her mother was a Breton. She was twenty years old with long brown-blonde hair and hazel eyes. She was light skinned, and her complexion was perfection. She was thin in all the right places, but was built for combat. The first time A'ton laid eyes upon her, he stared for what felt like eternity. She carried a Glass scimitar, passed down by her father, and an Elven shield with a heart drawn on the front of it. She also had a some skill in Restoration, passed down to her by her mother. She was wanted by all men, but even Sasoni and Jawa couldn't charm their way into seduction.

The group reached Elinhir in good timing. There was a town festival scheduled for the following day in honor of a battle that was won there many years ago, and people were coming in from all over Hammerfell to celebrate. If they would have arrived there a day later, the Inn would have had no rooms to rent out.  The only problem is that there were only two rooms left... so they were going to have to share. All three men secretly became excited about having the chance to stay in the same room as Braya, but before any of them could say a word... she said she was getting her own room, and that all three of them could share one bed. With a smile on her face, she grabbed her room key and walked up the stairs. The entire room was silent as every man and woman's eyes in the Inn watched her leave... and once she was out of sight they all started laughing and celebrating about the beauty they just saw. This was the first time A'ton had ever seen Sasoni not smiling.

The night started off with a lot of drinking, and of course Sasoni and Jawa made A'ton pay. A'ton was not a big drinker, so he was okay with them drinking his share. He was more focused on his task, and was planning on doing an early scouting mission later that night when every one was asleep. Jawa was challenged by four men in a footrace that night, and A'ton could not understand how a man with that much mead in his system could run in a straight line. He never lost, and his streak continued. Sasoni ended up winning ten arm wrestle matches before calling it a night, and Braya was content with staying in her room. When both men were safe and sleeping in the room, A'ton geared up for his mission. When he stepped outside the door, Braya was waiting for him. She insisted on going with... and he could not refuse. They headed east, outside the city.

When they reached the encampment everyone was asleep except for two men taking the nights watch. A'ton counted fifteen heads as he silently surveyed their encampment from the brush. They all seemed to be Nord's and Redguards and were sleeping outside of a cave, which he found very odd. He let Braya know that he would be right back, but he had to get a closer look. Braya watched him vanish into the night as he creeped closer and closer into the bandit camp. She was very impressed.

A'ton was at the entrance of the cave when he heard a strange noise from within. It was a noise he had never heard before. He shook his head and entered the cave. It was pitch black, but as he rounded the corner he saw a glowing red light that seemed to stretch across the rest of cave. When he reached a good distance to see the source of the light he was horrified. Standing in front of the light was a man in dark robes with a skull crest on his chest. Accompanying him were ten zombie like figures. The noise he heard earlier was one of the creatures growling. In the light was a woman's body levitating. She seemed to be incapacitated, and the light was turning her skin grey like the zombie figures surrounding their master. A'ton didn't know what the Necromancer was planning, so he decided to sit and watch for a while. In the time A'ton listened in on the Necromancer's chants he made out the words "Raise the Dead" and "Zombie Army." His heart stopped. He knew if he shot the Necromancer now, he could end this completely, but the Zombies would probably come after him, and he would have fifteen bandits coming up from behind. His only choice was to leave and come back with his companions the next night. He turned around and left the cave quietly.

When he reached the exit of the cave, his jaw dropped. Braya had been captured and was tied up. Her face displayed bravery, but her body showed fear and frustration. There were only ten bandits now... she must have sliced five of them down before being captured. One of the bandits was walking towards the cave, probably to let the necromancer know what had happened. A'ton carefully rolled into a bush so he wouldn't be spotted. A minute passed and he watched the Necromancer walk out and instruct the bandits to collect the five bodies so he can turn them. He instructed no one to lay a hand on Braya's pretty little head because he had something special planned for her. That was it for A'ton. He got up and sprinted back to Elinhir. Fortunately he was not spotted. Every bandit was staring at the beautiful warrior they had just captured.

He reached the Inn, and woke up Jawa and Sasoni. They were so out of it they thought they were being attacked. Sasoni grabbed A'ton and was about to throw him across the room, but then realized who it was. He slowly put A'ton down. A'ton did not have to explain what happened. They saw the expression on his face and knew. This was the second time A'ton didn't see a smile on Sasoni's face. They were now sprinting to the cave ready to take on twenty or more enemies and a Necromancer.

When they reached the camp everyone was still awake, but Braya was missing. A'ton pulled out his bow and shot two arrow's simultaneously. Two men fell to the ground, not even able to cry out in pain. This put the other bandits on red alert. Jawa sprinted in, doing a front flip straight into the middle of the bandit group. He was slicing them down quickly, but it was eight on one. Finally Sasoni reached them, and with one swing of his hammer he took out three men. Two men were left... one was missing a head. His body fell limp, as the other bandit watched his headless comrade in fear. He barely had time to look up before he was hit straight into the air by Sasoni's Warhammer. The bandit didn't even get to hit the ground in one piece... Jawa ran up his brother's back and leaped off his shoulder's slicing so fast you couldn't see his swords. The bandit's body dropped in six separate pieces. The bandits were no more.

The zombies were now exiting the cave. There were sixteen of them and none seemed to be Braya. Jawa yelled at A'ton to enter the cave, while he and Sasoni took care of the Zombies. A'ton entered the cave, bow at the ready. When he rounded the corner, he saw the same familiar light, but this time it was purple. When he reached the light he was terrified. Braya was floating in the air... She was alive, but she was suffering. The Necromancer turned towards A'ton and smiled. He pulled out a staff and shot fire at him. A'ton dodged it but his bow was hit, turning it to ash in a blink of an eye. He sprinted towards the necromancer, wishing he had the power to reach him before he used the fire staff again. A'ton felt his body surge with energy... At first he thought he was hit by fire, but then he was behind the Necromancer and he felt changed... The Necromancer had no time to react before A'ton dug one of his daggers deep into his back, and quickly sliced the other along his throat. The Necromancer's staff turned to ash and the light seemed to shatter. Braya started falling towards the ground. A'ton quickly teleported and caught her. She smiled painfully and said "You must be a Nightblade."

When A'ton looked up, he saw Jawa and Sasoni standing in disbelief. Jawa had Braya's shield, and Sasoni had her sword. There was no way they could compete with what A'ton had just done... She smiled at them, and while still in A'ton's arms turned his head towards hers and kissed him. Jawa and Sasoni let out a frustrated groan but then began to laugh. Everything was okay again, and the task was way past complete.

A'ton decided to have Jawa and Sasoni return to his father with the scouting report and the story of what happened. He knew he was destined for greater things and did not want to be stuck in Hammerfell forever. He also knew Borian would be upset about the dark magical powers lingering in his body...

A'ton changed his name to that more common to the foreigner's. He chose Ashton Bray. Ash in rememberance of the fire staff and bow he watched disintegrate into nothing, and Bray in honor of the most beautiful girl in all of Tamriel... Braya.

To be continued throughout the fun game of ESO! 

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