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PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2015 11:51 am    Post subject:

I made the settings changes.  will try it out today.

Elderscrye D
PostPosted: Fri Sep 04, 2015 5:09 pm    Post subject:

Hey Bran,

I Have a UserSettings.txt which doesn't have the items you discuss, but no usersettings.ini. I just clean installed Win10again, so I was able to search the whole thing (it's a single app system, haha).

PostPosted: Fri Sep 04, 2015 7:56 am    Post subject: FPS Issues?

I saw this on Reddit and thought it might help some folks.

Hmm, Well I really took the time to disect frame rate issues and ever since the patch I have been running at 4k on a 55 inch hdtv and for the first time silky smooth withe no more micro stutters on an Nvidia 900 series card. ( unless im in a city, a micro stutter here and there but even then Ive found a solution to this as well.) As I dont subscribe to the thought of using Ati video cards, (I've had entirely too many issues with them throughout my life) And I want to resolve your issue without alienating a specific brand of cards, lets start with the 2 or 3 most generalized settings that anyone can attempt which should resolve a majority of your issues. (Or at the very least drastically improve your current performance issues.)

  1. Lets locate your usersettings.ini file for ESO. Typically this is located in documents\elder scrolls online\live. Make sure to make a COPY of this file before proceeding. Go ahead and edit the file with notepad or word pad (I prefer notepad++) and were going to be looking for some specific settings to modify.

The very first one to search for is : SET HIGH_RESOLUTION_SHADOWS
Yours will probably say 1. CHANGE that to "0". (Now this is not to be confused with actual shadow quality, but whether or not the shadows are hard edged or soft. Believe it or not, it actually looks more realistic with this setting to "0" AND has a huge impact on performance in a positive manner.

  1. Search for SET GPUSmoothingFrames and make sure it is set to "0" as you see above.

  2. (And this is more of a Graphical enhancement, a real nice one with minimal loss of performance) Search for SET MIP_LOAD_SKIP_LEVELS . its probably at 0 or higher. Set it to "-3" Youll be astounded at the detail of the characters and buildings all of a sudden. no more blurry textures.

Go ahead and save your changes. The next thing I've noticed is if your running with nvidia, your better off NOT running sli, Changing your sli options to dedicate your second card as a physx card.

THEN, (And this is crucial.) Make an ESO profile by clicking on the ADD button in manage 3d settings after youve launched the game at least once and have closed it so it appears in the list. Now choose V-sync and change it to Adaptive. Then turn ON triple buffer. (yes, yes I hear everyone saying you must be "Kah-razzii" but for shyts and giggles, stick with me and make those changes. Also change multi display power to single display and to prefer maximum performance under power management right below. As for Ati users I have no clue if there is an adaptive setting for your v-sync. Get back to me with what settings you have as At and for now just try those usersettings.ini file changes. Also make sure to play in FULLSCREEN Mode. not windowed mode. and to turn off the in game Vsync. Just force those vsync options through your control panel. As far as load times, IT typically takes a minute or so to load the game initially when logging in. Once your in, give your mouse a few spins to load the textures n stuff, wait a minute and enjoy your improved smoother gaming experience. Ill come back with part 2 and more tweaks, but try those out and let me know if it helps you guys out. P.s. for testing purposes, disable your addons when loading for the first time after the changes ive mentioned above then re enable them once you see the improvements. (this is to ensure we are eliminating any addon issues like MM or Daedra Twilight auction house stuff that takes about 5 minutes for the game to gather the newest prices every time you log in, ohh and especially mini map and Resource map. those things are HOGS. I have a solution for that as well, but one step at a time. (Takes deep breathe....Exhales.) Okay, ive completed my ADD thought process and have splurged enough text in this reply. Im goin back in to enjoy some sexii smooth 4k 6ofps ESO gaming. I'll create a separate thread if this starts helping peeps.

Edit 1: Ohh yea, and I almost forgot, in the in game settings, change the draw distance from 100 to 75 or 80ish and drop the particles as well quite a bit. Im gonna go in game and get the exact name of what im referring to. Those help tremendously as well with no real noticeable graphic difference but huge performance difference.

EDIT 2: Im really glad to hear lots of positive feedback regarding these optimizations. As for the Turning on Triple buffer and Vsyc to adaptive, this will work for most, but there are a minor few where this doesnt help. At the very least, edit that user.settings.ini file. Then experiment from there.

EDIT 3: those that may have some stuttering issues still (Which is quite rare at this point) Make sure to leave anistropic filtering in your control panel to application controlled and turn off Anti aliasing transparency as well. Actually Im going to create a new thread with pics while Im still groovin in Tech support Mode... =p

Edit 4: once again, make sure to turn off all addons, then enable them one by one in order to properly troubleshoot your system. The big culprit is mini map addon atm, (But it always has been a hog.)

ESO Control Panel settings pg 1:

ESO Control Panel settings pg 2:

UserSettings.ini Pic with changes:

DSR (Dynamic Super Resolution) Global Control Panel settings:



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