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PostPosted: Sat Aug 01, 2015 12:10 pm    Post subject:

Update of gameroom

PostPosted: Sat Aug 01, 2015 12:01 pm    Post subject: Karoneth's D&D Game Room!

Here are pictures of my game room and miniatures.  I'll annotate them where appropriate.  Enjoy!

The PC is used for background music and has over 16 hours of such loaded, setup to shuffle and repeat with a 5 speaker setup plus a sub.  There is a lot of Elder Scrolls music in there, I have all of the soundtracks on CD ripped to 192 Kbps MP3's.  We used to use a 5 CD changer for them years ago, but it was too cumbersome and limiting.  The mousepad is from Elder Scrolls: Arena and is a map of Tamriel, and on the wall is a painting of a TES warrior in Daedric armor battling a dragon.  You can see part of my mini collection.  The trophies are real and are from Africa except the buck.  Above is a shortbow, and on the left, all of the pencils we use during a session and yet more figures.

View of the gameroom looking NW, note the Jackal above the mirror and our campaign area maps.

On the left side are my Undead figures.  The skull is the largest one used by the cambion demilich Acererak in my campaign and I made it by hand with a human skull kit.
Far left is a Dracolich.  On right are my Demons and Devils.  Note the Goristro and Balor, with Orcus on the far right.

Here are my dragons and some flying critters.  Alduin from Skyrim is on the shelf below and below him, some of my player's notes and an old Star Wars D6 character sheet.

On here are my humanoid allied figures, except for the Great Wyrm Flamerule, a red dragon from my campaign.  She is to scale of the others!

Gameroom looking west.  Past another map, there are two swords on the wall, and below them a working kerosene lamp which I worked on my campaign by during Hurricane Sandy.  In the bar, besides the microwave and refrigerator and ever-present red solo cups, lies a Cat6a cable where we connect up a laptop to connect a few of our members remotely using videoconferencing software along with the speakers so we can hear them clearly.  I have 22 Mbps upstream bandwidth for streaming out HD video from here, and 110 Mbps downstream for receiving video from all of the clients.

Gameroom looking NE.  Note the bookshelf on the left, that is 100% D&D materials.  Modules, box sets, books, etc.  The table is a 4' by 8' sheet of plywood and the fireplace has gotten occasional use on a winter's day.  The sofa is needed for those who have had a long day, but still want to play.

Here are some misc monsters including Icingdeath.  Beware the Tomb of Horrors module is showing here, not for the faint of heart!  My players are in it now.
The pencil sharpener is a must with so many pencils to sharpen after a session.

On the left are my Drow figures, in the middle, some Beholders.  Pic was blurry, apologies.  The chest is an actual prop I use in game, and the ever necessary dice bags!  Next to the chest is a (gasp) Deck of Many Things.   Oh how it has claimed characters and altered destinies!
I hope you enjoyed this tour of a pen and paper gameroom.

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